Week 2: Painting!

Week 1: PaintingAs an Engineering student I do not get to enjoy some of the abstract cultures in life such as the culture of painters and painting. This week (week 1) I had the privilege to observe some great art work and take some time off of the math and science. I decided to take a picture next to my favorite art piece of this week as I believe it resembles a lot about me. I see a struggling engineer, who is a hero because he helps develop the coming technology. However, in this painting he is showing his stress and his personal side of the spectrum. The reason why I relate to this to such a large extend is because I as a student sometimes get really frustrated when I cannot understand something. Just like the man in the painting I take a break from things and think of the big picture. Still wearing the hero outfit and hoping that next time I get back to work I achieve what I didn’t before.

Art 110 is slowly but surely soothing my life, it is giving me the opportunity to see the world as a whole and understand that not everything is structural but sometimes just as is.


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