Week 3: Meeting Victor!

Meeting new people is always an adventure for me. I find it quite amazing how everyone has something valuable to say about the world. This past Thursday I had the privilege to meet Victor, a classmate of ours in our Art110 course. It was a pretty awesome coincidence to go up to a random person in the class (Victor) who turned out to be from Long Beach just as I am. I understand most of Long Beach students attend CSULB but meeting one at random was a cool coincidence for me. This semester is Victors last semester and he attended Lakewood High School. It was funny how the reason I went up to him out of all people was because I saw the gold shiny watch on his wrist and I wanted to compliment him. Victor was previously a Computer Science major and now he is an Art major. We had a small conversation in regards to his major change and that went well. After we met, we took a couple great photos by one of the art pieces at the werby-gallery. I have posted our picture to show integrity and a beginning of a new friendship.

DSC_0394-1 DSC_0395


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