Week 3: Thursday at the Werby-Gallery!

This painting caught my attention the moment I saw it. The first thing that came to my mind was the journey through college. I see the road with all of the broken concrete and the rear view mirrors.

To me, the broken road represents the journey through college. As I go through college there is a variety of things that we have to learn to grow out of. For instance, sometimes a class might be difficult but in the end you have mastered a subject and have become more education. This is where I see the color. If we look at the painting, the color among the broken road near the end is cheerful and happy. To me this painting represents how college might be a tough journey but someday we will just look back as we strive in color.

We will learn to appreciate all the wonderful things that CSULB is doing for us. At the same time, it wont be just me looking back though the rear view mirror but everyone. This is the reason why I fell in  love with the painting.



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