Week 4: Meeting Anthony, Old High School Pal

week4ConversationAnthonyWeek4ConversationAnthony1Today I met Anthony, turns out it is a small world after all. Anthony and I share the last name of ‘Gonzalez’. Anthony attended the same high school I went to which is Wilson High School in Long Beach where he played water polo. Anthony graduated in the year of 2013 and I graduated in the year of 2012 which makes me about a year older. One of my goals for this semester is to get back into shape and it turns out Anthony teaches/guides the boxing class that takes place at the CSULB wellness center(REC). He invited me to join the class this Friday and maybe get a work out with some of the punching bags at the boxing room. It was a good feeling meeting an old friend. You just never know, the person right next to you could end up being in one of your classes in the future or even be a co worker sometime later on in life. The overall moral of the story is that respect is definitely key as you just never know who you will run into. Overall, it was a great experience talking to Anthony.


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