Week 4: My Favorite Art Piece: Home Sweet

Week4ArtAlthough I did not get a chance to talk to the artist of Home Sweet I think this is a very significant piece of art. The tittle of the art work is “Home Sweet”. When I first saw the tittle I was a bit confused as to why it was given that tittle. However after starring at this for a while I began to realize that home can actually be a bit of a cage like place. For instance, I began to think of those who unfortunately have house arrest and are not allowed to leave there place. I began to think about those who are afraid of facing the world, and overcoming their fears. This can mean so many things. As a computer engineer major, the projector that was projecting a scratchy static like background is what caught my attention. Electronics always catch my attention, I began to create a story behind the art work of it might resemble technology but I decided not to. I came to conclusion that if I let art be art I can just enjoy it much more.


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