Week 4: My Performing Arts Video!

as I was unable to upload my video to my word press blog, I have posted the link to my video on youtube above. This video represent a large portion of my life. I have a small background with performing arts as I use to play trumpet through middle school. I was first chair and enjoyed it very much, however as I grew up other things took over the time in my life which pulled me away from the arts. However, creating this video has brought back much of the memories and transformed them to represent who I am today as an adult. Many times as I work on code for my programming classes I like to listen to smooth jazz or sometimes even piano solos to help me relax and focus. Other times I like to code in a middle of a crowd and complete my labs and homework that way. The interesting thing is that none of those settings are ever planned, it all comes down to how I feel at that precise moment. With that said, I would like to share my video of performing code as I think and focus as I play an independent film titles “Mr. Nobody”. Many of us try hard to create this very structured life where everything happens as we plan it, however as I have learned life is very difficult to plan. Overall, I enjoy to live and look forwards to move forward, now with the beauty of appreciating art.


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