Week 5: Meeting Mukesh!

This week I had the pleasure to formally meet Mukesh Sedhev. We had met before as he is majoring in Computer Science and I am majoring in Computer Engineering which are pretty similar therefore we were classmates in the past. Nonetheless, we never had the opportunity to formally meet and introduce one another. Mukesh is 20 years old and is a 3rd year jut like myself. He plays sports occasionally and is a big time Lakers fan. The first time we met was in a course titled EE210 which is a prerequisite for the majors we are in. I learned a lot about Mukesh, like that he is Indian which I would have never guessed as he does not have an accent and doesn’t seem to be. Its great to meet new people, especially people that are studying something similar to what I study. This keeps in mind that we can somehow connect to one another. Overall, I believe that expanding your network of people makes you more integrated into society, Integrity is key to prosper.



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