Week 5: My Favorite Painting

This week it found it really difficult to pick just one painting as I found more than one amazing. All of these painting mean so much to me which is why I decided to make my post on all three painting. The painting with the girl and the red dots caught my attention because of the Chinese New Year. The red dots is what reminded me of the event. In exchange the one with the Native American lady painted with a black background really signified how serious something can be. I couldn’t relate to it much as I do not have Native American blood in me but the painting expressed a very serious tone which caught my attention. Of all three paintings, my favorite was the one with the African American man. This painting means a lot to me, for one I was raised in Long Beach and I consider myself to be open minded. The painting shows a homosexual man with true confidence and a white english man behind him. To me this painting signifies growth and how far along we have come as a society. Overall I enjoyed every art work at the galleries. IMG_2390 IMG_2386 IMG_1005


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