Week 6: Art Piece


When I first saw this many questions quickly approached me. One of them being “I don’t understand, what is this?” After looking at the art work for some time I began to relate to it. One of the things I took from this art work was that life is possibly a hollow book opened in the middle. What does that mean? Well, if you look to the right of the ‘book’ as I took it to be, we see our bright and happy side, and to the left we are seeing our dark and sad side. Sometimes, life is simply both so we live on the creese. The most interesting thing was if you look at the left side, the ‘dark side’ there is an object that looks like a rose. To me that symbolized that even in those dark moments there is beauty to take from the event. There is a bit of light and a reminder that sooner or later you will be back on the right side, ‘the happy colorful side’. Although my summary of what the art work symbolizes might not be what it was intended to represent, I think that the art piece was simply beautiful. The art work was titled “Reflect” and was created by the artist Alanna.


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