Week 6: Interviewing Pablo Gonzalez


This week I had the pleasure to meet and interview Pablo Gonzalez. One of the things that quickly caught my attention is that Pablo and I share last names; Gonzalez. I believe that Pablo is a very lucky student as he comes from a strong academic background. Both his parents are engineering working for Boeing. His mother is a Computer Engineer for the company while his father is a Mechanical Engineering. He briefly told the story of how his parents met and how his mom was his dads middle man to him getting hired for Boeing. Just like his father, Pablo is studying to become a successful Mechanical Engineer. He is a second semester freshman at the University of Long Beach and is looking to join a fraternity. After talking about his background, we had a discussion on his current classes this semester. He is finding Calculus to be a bit challenging and find the life development Engineering courses to be fairly easy. I offered to help out possibly tutoring or mentoring him through those rough patches as I have already been through them and could make it smoother for him. Overall, meeting someone who is hispanic and studying Mechanical Engineering definitely makes me proud.


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