Week 7: Meeting Jacob

This week was very interesting as far as conversations go for art 110. I had the pleasure to interview Jacob with the great last name of Macmaster(Hope I spelled this correctly). Jacob is from Fresno and is now attending CSULB in pursue to become a dentist. Some great things about this interview was that I learned many new things. For instance, I was not aware that if you study biology you could become a dentist, that was an eye opener. Furthermore, Jacob spoke a bit about his past and told me how he used to be an EMT which stands for Emergency Medical Technician. Jacob read the email where CSULB accepted his application and he decided it was time to change things around and start something new. Here in Long Beach he met his other half, which is now engaged to him. The ironic thing about this is out of all people my wife walked up to his other half and interviewed her without even knowing. At the end of our interviews we decided it would be cool to take a group picture and use it as our on our post. It was a pleasure meeting Jacob and his other half Alex. Best wishes for them and happy to have met another young couple who are considering marriage.



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