Week 7: My Favorite Painting!


This week was fun! I really enjoyed all of the art work that was exhibited at the Gatov-East gallery. One of my favorite peaces of the art gallery was necklace that looked to have an amber colored flower on it. I am a great fan of amber, I love the color the stone and the symbolism behind it. This necklace really just stood out and make me want to buy it although I understand it is an art piece. This art show not only really impressed me with the beautiful jewelry, but rather introduced something entirely new to me. I did not know that the creation of jewelry was an art where it could be exhibited and expressed. I believed it was a business or rather a an art created for a market. I grew through this exhibition as I expanded my knowledge in regards to art. In addition, I also really enjoyed the photography that was exhibited in the gatov-west gallery. The picture with the girl in a black and white background really caught my eye as it is reveling but secretive. This of course says a lot about the art work. I really liked the image, and found it quite interesting. Last but not least walking into print making was definitely an experience. Many new things were introduced to my life this week, and this is why I enjoy art 110!



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