Week 8: The adventure at the Gatov-west and Gatov-east

I consider myself a lucky student because I have the opportunity to admire all of the wonderful creations of the students and artists who express their art work at the CSULB Art-Galleries. This week in specific I had the privilege to observe some great art pieces. With lots of ambiance and many things to explore this week was a busy week during my Art 110 period. It was hard for me to focus in one place so I decided I would discuss everything I enjoyed. The carrot juice was my favorite, the stories behind the interesting art pieces were also very interesting. Here are some of the masterpieces that I enjoyed.

a) This art work really caught my attention, to me it was a bit confusing but really interesting. I see a lot of abstraction here and as a computer engineering student were everything is straight forward logic and structural this is a way to soothe my mind.


b) This was a very cool activity, the artist hosting the art show in the gatov-east hosted a photography exhibition. They were allowing students to take pictures as they desired and then uploading them to the tv which was to the left of the activity. I found this to be quite amazing!IMG_1114IMG_1113

c) Juicing was a very interested part of week 8. I didn’t even realize that this could be considered art before this day. I just enjoyed how well connected everyone was and everyone had a smile, it was a great time!


d) This art work had a great story, although extremely sad very amazing how the art work was displayed. I am sure this was a whole lot of dedication. Form hanging up every piece to signing to labelling. This was really an eye catcher as son as I walked int to the Gatov-west gallery.IMG_1117

Overall, I had a great time!



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