Week 8: Operating System Remix

operating-system-logos (1)

This is what I decided to Remix, Operating Systems. From my personal favorite Apple, to linux, windows, ios, android, and Red Hat Linux. All of this a very complex systems that require a lot of thinking and dedication to master. Each one of these have their own abilities and active directory types. I find this to be my remix because I very much revolve my life around there operating systems. As a computer engineeringĀ student you have to remain open minded and learn how to work with every single one of them to your very best possibility. Besides the fact that all of these are very amazing operating systems, they are actually a work of art. Each with their own style and design allow for users to have a larger selection and pick among them all as there most favorite. Just like art they are symbols, they each tell and story and represent a culture in society. One of the reasons why I love the world of technology is because it is an art itself, and within the world exist many art works that signify very distinct things that exist in the world. For instance, adroid’s slogan is ‘be together. not the same.’, on the other hand apple’s slogan is ‘Think different’. Overall, I enjoy the remix of cultures within the operating system world.


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