Week 9: Fav. art work of the week…

As soon as I walked into the werby-gallery I knew that this art work was my favorite. It caught my attention first and for most because it brought back a lot of memories of the time when I was growing up. As a teenager I spent most of my time skateboarding around the Long Beach city where I grew up. I am a big fan of Long Beach and to this day I strongly believe that it is one of the greatest cities in the world. Anyway, the major reason why this art piece caught my attention was because of the strength behind the artist. I believe that if you have the pride and confidence to represent your city and the place where you come from then you are proud. I see strength and success. Although I did not get to meet the artist I am sure that they are very proud of having achieved there place in life. The reason why I say that is because if I have the opportunity to complete my major in Computer Engineering I will be really proud to be known for where I come from, Long Beach. Besides the idea that the art work represent, the pictures were phenomenal and the way they were displayed was really cool. This was like posting an instagram shoot straight on the wall. It was super straight forward and very concrete. I love art work that stand out this way because to me knowing what it is the moment you see it signifies strength. Furthermore, the art works title was more than awesome “Home ‘Sweet’ Homes” by Ralph Acosta. IMG_1149


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