Week 9: Pleasure to meet you Andrew!

Today Thursday May 19th, 2015 I had the pleasure to meet Andre Lee. Just like Bruce Lee, Andre and the powerful Lee share last names. Andrew is a soccer fan and roots for the United (Manchester United) team. Andrew’s favorite soccer player is Ronaldinho. Although Ronaldinho is not the greatest hit in the soccer world anymore, he was one of the top players of the world at one point in his life. Here I have shared a video of the amazing skills of the “Ronaldinho” to show why both Andrew and I think he is a great soccer celebrity.

I totally understand why Andrew would consider him his favorite player and he is a very distinct soccer player with a really huge soccer personality. Andrew studies Management and is taking Art 110 as one of his general education requirements. It was great meeting Andrew. It is not typical to meet someone from New York, which is where Andrew is from. Usually people want to move into New York city rather than to come to California, but for Andrew things are a bit distinct. Overall, Andrew is a great guy and I look forward to creating and long term friendship with him.



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