Week 10: Meeting Joseph Cardoso

This week I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Cardoso. Joseph is a second year student at CSULB. Almost completing his 4th semester here at the University, he is pursuing a degree in Human Development. Joseph has a quite fascinating academic story which foretells how he ended up declaring under the Human Development department. Cardoso, first came into the university looking into pursuing a degree in Nursing. Nonetheless, he was told that the major was probably not his best suit based on the circumstances and factors at the time. Then he moved to Kinesiology were he was not all that comfortable, and furthermore was told that the major was impacted so the chances of staying there were very slim. At that point is when he decided that he was going to pursue a degree in Human Development were he pictures himself to someday possibly become a counselor of some sort. Joseph has a pretty mature personality and meeting him was quite a great time. Cardoso expressed his 3D graphic designing skills to me. In fact, he used his skills to accomplish the last activity for Art 110 which required to adopt a building. He designed a building with a 3D architecture through a computer software were he then added details and more accuracy. His work is really good and he is a very talented designer. Cardoso uses his tools to accomplish his design, such as his iPad mini and his Personal Computer. Joseph comes from Poly High School here in Long Beach, California. He grew up enjoying to swim and play water sports, soon after the college life took over and there was no longer any time to be active as he used to be back in his high school year. Overall, meeting Joseph was a great experience.



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