Week 10: My Creation!

My activity for this week is a trip to Las Vegas. I had the privilege to visit Las Vegas for the first time with a very special person. It was a very unique trip that built many memories. Valeria and I had a great time on our trip to Vegas. We had the opportunity to visit almost every major hotel in the Vegas strip on the Las Vegas Boulevard. In addition to walking for over 25 miles, we also had the luxury of visiting one of the major shows in vegas ‘Zumanity’. I decided to make this experience my activity because looking at it from a broad perspective this week was ‘spring break’. Therefore, I believe that summarizing the beauty of the week can definitely be an activity. I call this activity ‘The Art of Spring Break’. I believe that freeing your mind and thinking of nothing but time of relaxation and enjoyment in a healthy manner is definitely art. Just like any other form of art that allows you to express your emotions, I resemble my emotions through this weeks activity. Spring break was a great time, now it will be time to come back to school strong and end the semester with happiness and motivation. IMG_1304 IMG_1306 IMG_1313Go CSULB!


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