Week 11: The Wonderful Art Exhibition of Gabe Garcia

Gabriel allowed for me to call him Gabe which I believe to be a pretty cool nickname. Gabe’s art show was fantastic. Before I walked into the gatov-west gallery I was a bit bothered by the big art piece that clearly stated the phrase “Don’t be a pussy”. I was not too convinced about the art before I walked into the gallery. However from this experience I learned a whole lot about art in itself. I learned that the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is officially valid in my life. After having a discussion with Gabe about his art work and what it meant I completely changed my perspective about him and the art work. Matter of fact I said to him that his show was an “amazing show because it was very realistic”. Sometimes art doesn’t have to be a template. What I mean by that is that art does not always have to have a different meaning depending on the viewers eyes. In the case of Gabes art work, I believe his peaces to have a very significant meaning. Another reason why I really enjoyed his art work was because I am forward for change, I believe that his art represents growth in society. The negative aspects of a weak male or the connotations that some cannot achieve a certain task is nothing but ignorance, and saying ‘don’t be a pussy’ to someone that is not capable of doing a certain thing is very ignorant, as those who say those things do not have all the facts down. I love it when people fight for positive change, open mindedness is a very important part of it all. I strongly believe that Gabriel’s art work is very admirable.

Here are some photos of his work;

IMG_1416 IMG_1415 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1418


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