Week 12: Conversation with Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen is a sophomore full-time student at CSULB pursuing a major in Computer Science. Nguyen is from Santa Ana and commutes to the University on the daily basis. Kevin and I previously met in a class that we took together, Physics 151. Kevin uses his Penny skateboard to commute around campus and is taking Art 110 to meet one of his Art general education courses. It is unusual to meet someone in Art 110 pursuing a major in Engineering, this is why I find it quite fascinating that I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Kevin this week.

Although Kevin is pursuing a major in Computer Science and I am pursuing a major in Computer Engineering, they are almost similar and merge together in many of the lower division courses. This is a major way to describe how we share something in common. Nonetheless, I do not consider myself a programmer but I do in fact have some programming experience with both Java and C++. In the past all of the programmers I have asked which is there preference always tell me that they would always go with C++ over Java, but Kevin preferrers to program in Java Language.


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