Week 12: Extra Credit

My top 3 favorite activities were in order

1- Week 1) Web Design

Without this activity none of the following weeks would have meaning to our future. I believe that having the opportunity to create a website and build onto it throughout the semester was one of the most amazing things I have done in my academic career. This is jotting down memories and creating a strong foundation of who we are when it comes down to art, feelings, and integration.

2- Week 2) Painting and Drawing

In addition to really enjoying the activity to week 1, I was also a huge fan of week number 2. The reason why I really enjoyed this activity was because I had the freedom to hang out with my wife and create legal graffiti with my wife, which would have never happened without this course.

3-Week 11) Sculpture

Similarly to the second weeks activity, I also enjoyed week 11. Going to the beach with my wife and creating a molding of my foot and her hand was one of the funnest adventures at the beach. It brought many memories, and allowed for us to catch some fresh beach air.

Overall, my favorite part of the entire course has been meeting on Tuesdays and listening to the words of Mr. Zucman. I really enjoy his discussions and I believe them to be a very effective way of helping freshman students and in general all college students to open their eyes and get a bit of the real world.


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