Week 15: One week before final’s week! _ Meeting Serena

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.48.45 AM

This week I met Serena Carvajal, a freshman student here at California State University of Long Beach pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. Unlike many students, Serena really knows what she wants to do in the future because of the amazing opportunity that she had the summer after she left high school. During that summer Serena was an intern at the Port of Long Beach working with the Project Manager. That great adventure really opened her eyes and made it clear to her that she wanted to become a Civil Engineer. Although she is aware that the 4 year journey to obtain a degree in C. E. is quite challenging she is up for it! Serena went to high school here in the city of Long Beach so she is pretty familiar with the city, in addition her parents currently live in Long Beach but that did not stop her from experiencing living in the dorms here on campus. During her free time Serna likes to play ultimate frisbee, that is why she joined the ultimate frisbee club here on campus. Overall, meeting Serena was a cool time.


Week 12: Extra Credit

My top 3 favorite activities were in order

1- Week 1) Web Design

Without this activity none of the following weeks would have meaning to our future. I believe that having the opportunity to create a website and build onto it throughout the semester was one of the most amazing things I have done in my academic career. This is jotting down memories and creating a strong foundation of who we are when it comes down to art, feelings, and integration.

2- Week 2) Painting and Drawing

In addition to really enjoying the activity to week 1, I was also a huge fan of week number 2. The reason why I really enjoyed this activity was because I had the freedom to hang out with my wife and create legal graffiti with my wife, which would have never happened without this course.

3-Week 11) Sculpture

Similarly to the second weeks activity, I also enjoyed week 11. Going to the beach with my wife and creating a molding of my foot and her hand was one of the funnest adventures at the beach. It brought many memories, and allowed for us to catch some fresh beach air.

Overall, my favorite part of the entire course has been meeting on Tuesdays and listening to the words of Mr. Zucman. I really enjoy his discussions and I believe them to be a very effective way of helping freshman students and in general all college students to open their eyes and get a bit of the real world.

Week 11: The Wonderful Art Exhibition of Gabe Garcia

Gabriel allowed for me to call him Gabe which I believe to be a pretty cool nickname. Gabe’s art show was fantastic. Before I walked into the gatov-west gallery I was a bit bothered by the big art piece that clearly stated the phrase “Don’t be a pussy”. I was not too convinced about the art before I walked into the gallery. However from this experience I learned a whole lot about art in itself. I learned that the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is officially valid in my life. After having a discussion with Gabe about his art work and what it meant I completely changed my perspective about him and the art work. Matter of fact I said to him that his show was an “amazing show because it was very realistic”. Sometimes art doesn’t have to be a template. What I mean by that is that art does not always have to have a different meaning depending on the viewers eyes. In the case of Gabes art work, I believe his peaces to have a very significant meaning. Another reason why I really enjoyed his art work was because I am forward for change, I believe that his art represents growth in society. The negative aspects of a weak male or the connotations that some cannot achieve a certain task is nothing but ignorance, and saying ‘don’t be a pussy’ to someone that is not capable of doing a certain thing is very ignorant, as those who say those things do not have all the facts down. I love it when people fight for positive change, open mindedness is a very important part of it all. I strongly believe that Gabriel’s art work is very admirable.

Here are some photos of his work;

IMG_1416 IMG_1415 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1418

Week 9: CSULB Planning and Re-planning

Picture A)


This is my cognitive map of the CSULB campus. When I was creating this I thought about the places where I spend the most time. Of course I spend 20 hours a week at the bookstore and that is where I work. Other than that I spend a whole lot of time at the VEC building along with the ECS building, some time at the outpost and the Nugget in addition to the Recreation and Wellness Center. In this map I show my appreciation for the CSULB campus and how amazing of a campus I believe it to be. For one, I love the fact that every major branch is uniquely place in the campus. For instance, all engineering and mechanical majors are in one end of the campus while all the business majors are in the other end. I believe this allows for the students to grow more within their field as far as getting to know your character and role in life.

Picture B)

csu-long-beach-Engineering IMG_3840

The above images are the building that I adapted, which is VEC or Vivian Engineering Center. The building was apparently named after it great funder Vivian. Of course it follows with the Engineering Center as that building is specifically known for Engineering majors. Weather it is Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or even Civil Engineering, most of the classes for the any major that falls under engineering are mostly located in this building. The image on the right is actually a blueprint that was constructed as a dummy before the construction took place. I found this image on the web as I was told by one of the employees at the VEC that there was much to say about that building online. One of the things that I truly love about the building is that the elevators are extremely fast. Overall, I chose this building because if I were to engineer this building I would probably upgrade it with a lot of high tech systems. For instance. I would integrate study rooms with lots of charging stations, possible laptops lockers and much more.

Picture C)

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.05.30 PM

This is how I would like for CSULB to be constructed if it were remodeled. I believe that is it only fair to have the parking for the entire university in the middle and everything around, this is a fair game!

Week 8: Formally Meeting Aleks Kivuls

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.46.01 PM

The interesting part of this was that after having asked him for help in one of my Computer Science courses I still did not know his name. Aleks is a very bright student studying Computer Science (C.S.) at California State University of Long Beach. He is originally form Palos Verdes and is currently living at his own place in Long Beach which allows for an easy bus commute to campus. He is a very dedicated student as he does internships with Boeings competitor. The most amazing thing is he is the only person in his family to introduce computers to their life. I find this to be a very amazing fact because Aleks is a very bright programmer. From experience, I have met multiple programmers that are masters at the concept before they hit there 20’s nonetheless come from programmer parents or some similar story. Nonetheless, for Kivuls it was all new and just something he quickly adapted to. It was a pleasure formally meeting him and I look forward to having a permanent friendship with Aleks.