Week 12: Algorithmic Art Work-Creating simple HTML code

This is a very general and simple procedure to creating an HTLM code and opening it through your internet browser, wether it is google chrome or Internet Explorer or any other browser this will work with whatever is default to your machine.

First, open either textedit if you have a Mac or Notepad if you are a PC user.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.02.54 AM

To keep things simple we will just type a title for the page as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>This is __________ ‘s html webpage! </title>



Although the details can go for hours, this is a very simple way to begin. Know that you have typed the code above, save the file as a “.html” file.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.03.57 AM

Now that you have created the file go ahead and open it by locating it wherever it is you decided to save it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.05.00 AM

Tada you have created your own html webpage!


Week 12: Extra Credit

My top 3 favorite activities were in order

1- Week 1) Web Design

Without this activity none of the following weeks would have meaning to our future. I believe that having the opportunity to create a website and build onto it throughout the semester was one of the most amazing things I have done in my academic career. This is jotting down memories and creating a strong foundation of who we are when it comes down to art, feelings, and integration.

2- Week 2) Painting and Drawing

In addition to really enjoying the activity to week 1, I was also a huge fan of week number 2. The reason why I really enjoyed this activity was because I had the freedom to hang out with my wife and create legal graffiti with my wife, which would have never happened without this course.

3-Week 11) Sculpture

Similarly to the second weeks activity, I also enjoyed week 11. Going to the beach with my wife and creating a molding of my foot and her hand was one of the funnest adventures at the beach. It brought many memories, and allowed for us to catch some fresh beach air.

Overall, my favorite part of the entire course has been meeting on Tuesdays and listening to the words of Mr. Zucman. I really enjoy his discussions and I believe them to be a very effective way of helping freshman students and in general all college students to open their eyes and get a bit of the real world.

Week 12: Art art the Werby

This week’s art work was quite fascinating. At the Werby gallery I saw the following art piece;


In addition to enjoying the art work, I actually learned something new about working with art. I use to think that every part of the art work was intentionally crafted to represent or mean something in specific. I believed every part of an art piece had meaning. Nonetheless when the artist Piet explained how he simply added the square on both ends of the art piece or rather through the art piece was because it was not symmetric to his eyes. Adding the hole on both ends and placing a white ball in the center completed the art piece. Actually listening to an artist describe how he simply added something to his work because it was what he believed to be missing was eye opening, as I believe the entire art work was to be based on meaning. Overall, I really enjoyed Piet’s Art show.

Week 12: Conversation with Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen is a sophomore full-time student at CSULB pursuing a major in Computer Science. Nguyen is from Santa Ana and commutes to the University on the daily basis. Kevin and I previously met in a class that we took together, Physics 151. Kevin uses his Penny skateboard to commute around campus and is taking Art 110 to meet one of his Art general education courses. It is unusual to meet someone in Art 110 pursuing a major in Engineering, this is why I find it quite fascinating that I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Kevin this week.

Although Kevin is pursuing a major in Computer Science and I am pursuing a major in Computer Engineering, they are almost similar and merge together in many of the lower division courses. This is a major way to describe how we share something in common. Nonetheless, I do not consider myself a programmer but I do in fact have some programming experience with both Java and C++. In the past all of the programmers I have asked which is there preference always tell me that they would always go with C++ over Java, but Kevin preferrers to program in Java Language.

Week 11: My plaster piece!

This weeks activity has been my favorite of all so far. It consisted of going to Home Depot and purchasing some plaster mixture a mixing stick,and a brush. After having obtained all of the materials I had the pleasure to drive to our beautiful Long Beach, here in my favorite city! Alongside I was accompanied by my wife which made the activity much more fun. She decided to create a molding of her hand while I created a molding of my right foot. I was very impressed by the result on my art creation as even tiny details like my toe nails and major veins in my foot were captured by the plaster. Although this might sound easy, it did take some trial and error we put very little water into our mix, in addition to mixing the plaster before we created our molding. At this point we decided to start from the beginning and take it one step at a time. The ending results were phenomenal. Here are some pictures of the activity and procedure.

IMG_4938 IMG_4939 IMG_4942 IMG_4946 IMG_4950 IMG_4951

My partner

My result

IMG_1464 IMG_1462 IMG_1465 IMG_1468

Week 11: The Wonderful Art Exhibition of Gabe Garcia

Gabriel allowed for me to call him Gabe which I believe to be a pretty cool nickname. Gabe’s art show was fantastic. Before I walked into the gatov-west gallery I was a bit bothered by the big art piece that clearly stated the phrase “Don’t be a pussy”. I was not too convinced about the art before I walked into the gallery. However from this experience I learned a whole lot about art in itself. I learned that the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is officially valid in my life. After having a discussion with Gabe about his art work and what it meant I completely changed my perspective about him and the art work. Matter of fact I said to him that his show was an “amazing show because it was very realistic”. Sometimes art doesn’t have to be a template. What I mean by that is that art does not always have to have a different meaning depending on the viewers eyes. In the case of Gabes art work, I believe his peaces to have a very significant meaning. Another reason why I really enjoyed his art work was because I am forward for change, I believe that his art represents growth in society. The negative aspects of a weak male or the connotations that some cannot achieve a certain task is nothing but ignorance, and saying ‘don’t be a pussy’ to someone that is not capable of doing a certain thing is very ignorant, as those who say those things do not have all the facts down. I love it when people fight for positive change, open mindedness is a very important part of it all. I strongly believe that Gabriel’s art work is very admirable.

Here are some photos of his work;

IMG_1416 IMG_1415 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1418

Week 11: Meeting Abby Luna

This week I met Abby, she is a freshman classmate whom is still undeclared but is considering to pursue a major in Health-Care Administration. Abby is from the city of Downey, just like the majority of us she commutes to school everyday. She knew what school Wilson was when I told her I went there during my high school years. Abby’s first name is Abigail but goes by Abby. Although she is still not part of any organization or clubs on campus she is definitely looking forward to joining some in the near future. Abby is currently not working as she would like to fully dedicate herself to her studies in order to obtain good grades. Meeting Abby was a fun experience!