Week 14: Meeting Nok Pham

Today I met Nok Pham, a freshman student here at CSULB pursuing two majors, one in communication and the other in biology. She is double majoring and the interesting part about it is that the majors do not really relate. Nok has a pretty interesting background, although I do not know it all I was amazed at the facts the stated which I though were pretty amazing. Nok was born in New York and hen moved to Cypress, here in California. After some time she then moved to Newport Beach where she currently lives with her parents. Overall meeting Nok was a great experience. 


Week 13: Meeting Valerie!


This week I met Valerie Arredondo, she is a freshman student here at The Beach and is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Ms. Arredondo went to Long Beach Polytechnic high school. She was born and raised in long beach and continues to live here in the city where she commutes to the University on the daily basis. She currently plays Rugby and swam all four years during her high school times. The most interesting part of the conversation was when I introduced myself to Valerie because my spouses name is Valeria which is very similar to Valerie. Valerie was very polite and extremely outgoing, I encourage other students to interview her sometime during our final 2 weeks of class. Check out her blog at https://valarredondo.wordpress.com/.

Week 12: Conversation with Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen is a sophomore full-time student at CSULB pursuing a major in Computer Science. Nguyen is from Santa Ana and commutes to the University on the daily basis. Kevin and I previously met in a class that we took together, Physics 151. Kevin uses his Penny skateboard to commute around campus and is taking Art 110 to meet one of his Art general education courses. It is unusual to meet someone in Art 110 pursuing a major in Engineering, this is why I find it quite fascinating that I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Kevin this week.

Although Kevin is pursuing a major in Computer Science and I am pursuing a major in Computer Engineering, they are almost similar and merge together in many of the lower division courses. This is a major way to describe how we share something in common. Nonetheless, I do not consider myself a programmer but I do in fact have some programming experience with both Java and C++. In the past all of the programmers I have asked which is there preference always tell me that they would always go with C++ over Java, but Kevin preferrers to program in Java Language.

Week 11: My plaster piece!

This weeks activity has been my favorite of all so far. It consisted of going to Home Depot and purchasing some plaster mixture a mixing stick,and a brush. After having obtained all of the materials I had the pleasure to drive to our beautiful Long Beach, here in my favorite city! Alongside I was accompanied by my wife which made the activity much more fun. She decided to create a molding of her hand while I created a molding of my right foot. I was very impressed by the result on my art creation as even tiny details like my toe nails and major veins in my foot were captured by the plaster. Although this might sound easy, it did take some trial and error we put very little water into our mix, in addition to mixing the plaster before we created our molding. At this point we decided to start from the beginning and take it one step at a time. The ending results were phenomenal. Here are some pictures of the activity and procedure.

IMG_4938 IMG_4939 IMG_4942 IMG_4946 IMG_4950 IMG_4951

My partner

My result

IMG_1464 IMG_1462 IMG_1465 IMG_1468

Week 10: The Wonders of Dawn Ertle’s Art Work

This week was a very interesting week as far as art work goes. After looking at Dawn’s art work my perspective on art totally changed. I quickly began to engage more with art and realized that art can be alive. Her art work was fascinating, and the ideology behind her work made it even better. Although I did not get all of her art pieces titles I did engage with almost all of her work which was displayed at the Gatov-West gallery. Previous from this day I believed art to be a simple way of expression. What I mean by this is, I thought art was expressing your feelings in which ever way possible. Nonetheless, I found Dawn’s art work extremely complex and sophisticated. As an engineering student I enjoy art because it is the smoothness in my life, it is the distraction from my everyday logical life. However, this day I saw art being engineers. I can prove this was extremely complicated because of the displayed blue prints of her work. Every single piece was carefully constructed and engineered.

Here are the pictures to expressing the complexity of her work.

IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1226 IMG_1227 IMG_1228 IMG_1229 IMG_1230 IMG_1231 IMG_1232

In addition, to her art work being complex, a very interesting part of the work was the ideology behind it and how it was implemented to have meaning. What I mean by this is how it broke down into songs and what they meant towards the art work.

The following pictures describe what I mean:

IMG_1234 IMG_1235 IMG_1236

Overall, I really enjoyed Ertle’s art work and greatly consider and appreciate the time and dedication that was implemented into her work. To show my interest and appreciation towards her art work I took some photos with her art work along with my beloved wife. Here are some of the pictures which we took.

IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1244 IMG_1245

Week 10: Meeting Joseph Cardoso

This week I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Cardoso. Joseph is a second year student at CSULB. Almost completing his 4th semester here at the University, he is pursuing a degree in Human Development. Joseph has a quite fascinating academic story which foretells how he ended up declaring under the Human Development department. Cardoso, first came into the university looking into pursuing a degree in Nursing. Nonetheless, he was told that the major was probably not his best suit based on the circumstances and factors at the time. Then he moved to Kinesiology were he was not all that comfortable, and furthermore was told that the major was impacted so the chances of staying there were very slim. At that point is when he decided that he was going to pursue a degree in Human Development were he pictures himself to someday possibly become a counselor of some sort. Joseph has a pretty mature personality and meeting him was quite a great time. Cardoso expressed his 3D graphic designing skills to me. In fact, he used his skills to accomplish the last activity for Art 110 which required to adopt a building. He designed a building with a 3D architecture through a computer software were he then added details and more accuracy. His work is really good and he is a very talented designer. Cardoso uses his tools to accomplish his design, such as his iPad mini and his Personal Computer. Joseph comes from Poly High School here in Long Beach, California. He grew up enjoying to swim and play water sports, soon after the college life took over and there was no longer any time to be active as he used to be back in his high school year. Overall, meeting Joseph was a great experience.


Week 9: Pleasure to meet you Andrew!

Today Thursday May 19th, 2015 I had the pleasure to meet Andre Lee. Just like Bruce Lee, Andre and the powerful Lee share last names. Andrew is a soccer fan and roots for the United (Manchester United) team. Andrew’s favorite soccer player is Ronaldinho. Although Ronaldinho is not the greatest hit in the soccer world anymore, he was one of the top players of the world at one point in his life. Here I have shared a video of the amazing skills of the “Ronaldinho” to show why both Andrew and I think he is a great soccer celebrity.

I totally understand why Andrew would consider him his favorite player and he is a very distinct soccer player with a really huge soccer personality. Andrew studies Management and is taking Art 110 as one of his general education requirements. It was great meeting Andrew. It is not typical to meet someone from New York, which is where Andrew is from. Usually people want to move into New York city rather than to come to California, but for Andrew things are a bit distinct. Overall, Andrew is a great guy and I look forward to creating and long term friendship with him.