Week 15: Eye catching art work!

This week’s art work was really amazing, nonetheless I must say that this week I saw something that just blew me out of proportion. The art work or rather sculpture of the animal that seemed to be a cat or some sort of dragon cat was really eye catching. I just could not believe it was an art piece as it was extremely realistic. Although I really wanted to touch it, I did not as I respect the hard work of the artist. I must say if that art piece was up for sale I would consider buying it, it was just to cool. Similarly all of the other art pieces in the room were very attractive. Here are some photos of the art work that I considered my favorite at the time.

IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1754


Week 14: Fantastic Art!

This weeks art show made it quite difficult for me to decide which art piece to choose as my favorite, the gallery room was just filled with awesome work. I have attached some pictures of some of my favorite art pieces of this weeks art show at the Gatov galleries. Although I could not find a specific connection with the art work that I found eye appealing this week, I did enjoy the detail and the extreme precision of how realistic of of the portraits displayed looked. I assume I could say that I relate to the painting with the family that you can see here below. The reason why I think I might relate to that art piece if because the family looks as if they might belong to a certain hispanic culture, Mexican culture being my own. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the emotions that these paintings expressed. The painting in the man in orange gave me a feeling of someone with a very serious background. I was unable to confirm this but I believe the orange outfit to be uniform of a prisoner. Overall this weeks art work was quite fascinating, here are some photos of the art pieces displayed.

IMG_1645 IMG_1646 IMG_1647 IMG_1649 IMG_1651

Week 8: Operating System Remix

operating-system-logos (1)

This is what I decided to Remix, Operating Systems. From my personal favorite Apple, to linux, windows, ios, android, and Red Hat Linux. All of this a very complex systems that require a lot of thinking and dedication to master. Each one of these have their own abilities and active directory types. I find this to be my remix because I very much revolve my life around there operating systems. As a computer engineering┬ástudent you have to remain open minded and learn how to work with every single one of them to your very best possibility. Besides the fact that all of these are very amazing operating systems, they are actually a work of art. Each with their own style and design allow for users to have a larger selection and pick among them all as there most favorite. Just like art they are symbols, they each tell and story and represent a culture in society. One of the reasons why I love the world of technology is because it is an art itself, and within the world exist many art works that signify very distinct things that exist in the world. For instance, adroid’s slogan is ‘be together. not the same.’, on the other hand apple’s slogan is ‘Think different’. Overall, I enjoy the remix of cultures within the operating system world.

Week 8: The adventure at the Gatov-west and Gatov-east

I consider myself a lucky student because I have the opportunity to admire all of the wonderful creations of the students and artists who express their art work at the CSULB Art-Galleries. This week in specific I had the privilege to observe some great art pieces. With lots of ambiance and many things to explore this week was a busy week during my Art 110 period. It was hard for me to focus in one place so I decided I would discuss everything I enjoyed. The carrot juice was my favorite, the stories behind the interesting art pieces were also very interesting. Here are some of the masterpieces that I enjoyed.

a) This art work really caught my attention, to me it was a bit confusing but really interesting. I see a lot of abstraction here and as a computer engineering student were everything is straight forward logic and structural this is a way to soothe my mind.


b) This was a very cool activity, the artist hosting the art show in the gatov-east hosted a photography exhibition. They were allowing students to take pictures as they desired and then uploading them to the tv which was to the left of the activity. I found this to be quite amazing!IMG_1114IMG_1113

c) Juicing was a very interested part of week 8. I didn’t even realize that this could be considered art before this day. I just enjoyed how well connected everyone was and everyone had a smile, it was a great time!


d) This art work had a great story, although extremely sad very amazing how the art work was displayed. I am sure this was a whole lot of dedication. Form hanging up every piece to signing to labelling. This was really an eye catcher as son as I walked int to the Gatov-west gallery.IMG_1117

Overall, I had a great time!


Week 7: My Favorite Painting!


This week was fun! I really enjoyed all of the art work that was exhibited at the Gatov-East gallery. One of my favorite peaces of the art gallery was necklace that looked to have an amber colored flower on it. I am a great fan of amber, I love the color the stone and the symbolism behind it. This necklace really just stood out and make me want to buy it although I understand it is an art piece. This art show not only really impressed me with the beautiful jewelry, but rather introduced something entirely new to me. I did not know that the creation of jewelry was an art where it could be exhibited and expressed. I believed it was a business or rather a an art created for a market. I grew through this exhibition as I expanded my knowledge in regards to art. In addition, I also really enjoyed the photography that was exhibited in the gatov-west gallery. The picture with the girl in a black and white background really caught my eye as it is reveling but secretive. This of course says a lot about the art work. I really liked the image, and found it quite interesting. Last but not least walking into print making was definitely an experience. Many new things were introduced to my life this week, and this is why I enjoy art 110!