Week 15: Eye catching art work!

This week’s art work was really amazing, nonetheless I must say that this week I saw something that just blew me out of proportion. The art work or rather sculpture of the animal that seemed to be a cat or some sort of dragon cat was really eye catching. I just could not believe it was an art piece as it was extremely realistic. Although I really wanted to touch it, I did not as I respect the hard work of the artist. I must say if that art piece was up for sale I would consider buying it, it was just to cool. Similarly all of the other art pieces in the room were very attractive. Here are some photos of the art work that I considered my favorite at the time.

IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1754


Week 12: Art art the Werby

This week’s art work was quite fascinating. At the Werby gallery I saw the following art piece;


In addition to enjoying the art work, I actually learned something new about working with art. I use to think that every part of the art work was intentionally crafted to represent or mean something in specific. I believed every part of an art piece had meaning. Nonetheless when the artist Piet explained how he simply added the square on both ends of the art piece or rather through the art piece was because it was not symmetric to his eyes. Adding the hole on both ends and placing a white ball in the center completed the art piece. Actually listening to an artist describe how he simply added something to his work because it was what he believed to be missing was eye opening, as I believe the entire art work was to be based on meaning. Overall, I really enjoyed Piet’s Art show.

Week 9: Fav. art work of the week…

As soon as I walked into the werby-gallery I knew that this art work was my favorite. It caught my attention first and for most because it brought back a lot of memories of the time when I was growing up. As a teenager I spent most of my time skateboarding around the Long Beach city where I grew up. I am a big fan of Long Beach and to this day I strongly believe that it is one of the greatest cities in the world. Anyway, the major reason why this art piece caught my attention was because of the strength behind the artist. I believe that if you have the pride and confidence to represent your city and the place where you come from then you are proud. I see strength and success. Although I did not get to meet the artist I am sure that they are very proud of having achieved there place in life. The reason why I say that is because if I have the opportunity to complete my major in Computer Engineering I will be really proud to be known for where I come from, Long Beach. Besides the idea that the art work represent, the pictures were phenomenal and the way they were displayed was really cool. This was like posting an instagram shoot straight on the wall. It was super straight forward and very concrete. I love art work that stand out this way because to me knowing what it is the moment you see it signifies strength. Furthermore, the art works title was more than awesome “Home ‘Sweet’ Homes” by Ralph Acosta. IMG_1149

Week 5: My Favorite Painting

This week it found it really difficult to pick just one painting as I found more than one amazing. All of these painting mean so much to me which is why I decided to make my post on all three painting. The painting with the girl and the red dots caught my attention because of the Chinese New Year. The red dots is what reminded me of the event. In exchange the one with the Native American lady painted with a black background really signified how serious something can be. I couldn’t relate to it much as I do not have Native American blood in me but the painting expressed a very serious tone which caught my attention. Of all three paintings, my favorite was the one with the African American man. This painting means a lot to me, for one I was raised in Long Beach and I consider myself to be open minded. The painting shows a homosexual man with true confidence and a white english man behind him. To me this painting signifies growth and how far along we have come as a society. Overall I enjoyed every art work at the galleries. IMG_2390 IMG_2386 IMG_1005

Week 4: My Favorite Art Piece: Home Sweet

Week4ArtAlthough I did not get a chance to talk to the artist of Home Sweet I think this is a very significant piece of art. The tittle of the art work is “Home Sweet”. When I first saw the tittle I was a bit confused as to why it was given that tittle. However after starring at this for a while I began to realize that home can actually be a bit of a cage like place. For instance, I began to think of those who unfortunately have house arrest and are not allowed to leave there place. I began to think about those who are afraid of facing the world, and overcoming their fears. This can mean so many things. As a computer engineer major, the projector that was projecting a scratchy static like background is what caught my attention. Electronics always catch my attention, I began to create a story behind the art work of it might resemble technology but I decided not to. I came to conclusion that if I let art be art I can just enjoy it much more.

Week 3: Meeting Victor!

Meeting new people is always an adventure for me. I find it quite amazing how everyone has something valuable to say about the world. This past Thursday I had the privilege to meet Victor, a classmate of ours in our Art110 course. It was a pretty awesome coincidence to go up to a random person in the class (Victor) who turned out to be from Long Beach just as I am. I understand most of Long Beach students attend CSULB but meeting one at random was a cool coincidence for me. This semester is Victors last semester and he attended Lakewood High School. It was funny how the reason I went up to him out of all people was because I saw the gold shiny watch on his wrist and I wanted to compliment him. Victor was previously a Computer Science major and now he is an Art major. We had a small conversation in regards to his major change and that went well. After we met, we took a couple great photos by one of the art pieces at the werby-gallery. I have posted our picture to show integrity and a beginning of a new friendship.

DSC_0394-1 DSC_0395

Week 2: Painting!

Week 1: PaintingAs an Engineering student I do not get to enjoy some of the abstract cultures in life such as the culture of painters and painting. This week (week 1) I had the privilege to observe some great art work and take some time off of the math and science. I decided to take a picture next to my favorite art piece of this week as I believe it resembles a lot about me. I see a struggling engineer, who is a hero because he helps develop the coming technology. However, in this painting he is showing his stress and his personal side of the spectrum. The reason why I relate to this to such a large extend is because I as a student sometimes get really frustrated when I cannot understand something. Just like the man in the painting I take a break from things and think of the big picture. Still wearing the hero outfit and hoping that next time I get back to work I achieve what I didn’t before.

Art 110 is slowly but surely soothing my life, it is giving me the opportunity to see the world as a whole and understand that not everything is structural but sometimes just as is.